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Testimonials & Kind Words


Testimonials and Kind Words:

Lois --- just a quick note to thank you for your time with us on such short notice.  I just fell in love with Etta James - such a sweet girl and a good mom.  And the puppies are a riot; I look forward to watching them grow on Facebook.  They're so much fun.  In fact, all your dogs are such wonderful ambassadors for the breed.  You do a great job with them.  Anyway, thanks again. John and Marsha 7/28/13

I just wanted to tell you that when I was researching breeders your love for your pups shines through so much brighter than any other breeder I spoke to. I get asked all the time where we got Sydney from, and many people have heard of McFall Newfs. 
I just wanted to tell you that for a clueless first-time puppy mom, you have been such a blessing to me. Whatever you decide to do in the future, I just wanted you to know how much I appreciate all the work you put into your puppies and help you give the puppy parents :-).  As a first-time puppy mama I researched tons before we made the decision to get a newfie, and once I decided that, I researched tons of breeders and Lois Fletcher McFall was by far the best. I cannot ever repay her for all the patience she has shown me as I make my way through life with our amazing Sydney.  ~Jessi

Hi Lois - haven't talked in a while but I just wanted to tell you that Taylor and Madison are doing great!!! On the other hand, some shoes, a table leg and assorted things in the garage - not so well. The pups are Beautiful!  Haven't had a chance to take many pictures of them this summer but fall is on the way, the coats are getting thicker and I will try to be more of a photographer. Anyway, just wanted you to know that all is well with the dogs (we were swimming in the lake all day) and to thank you again for such wonderful family members. they are the best! Well - sometimes the worst :-)

Len, Taylor and Madison

Lois I have to tell you yet again I am sorry for doing this once a month but thank you from the bottom of my ♥ for this wonderful amazing loving puppy. I honestly well up even typing this because she is everything we have been missing. She is so ridiculously smart. She knows over 50 words. We call her crate her cribbie and she smiles back at me when I put her in it I swear. She has made our whole family come together in a way I can never explain. We all stop what we are doing and get on the floor with her EVERY day. Our lives our so busy and we run in and out but Mia is the missing piece of our puzzle. I speak for my husband and my children when I say THANK YOU!! We are over the moon!!!  ~ Megan

Ok—I have to brag-- Mr. Winston and I went to a dog walk/fair. I got several compliments on his behavior/disposition. People could not believe for his age—that he was so calm, cool, and collected. You’d think he’d been there 100 times. I didn’t know if he would be a little overwhelmed at first w/ so many dogs—but didn’t’ phase him. he loved everyone and everything! He was a huge hit of course. one lady was really surprised that he hasn’t had that much training yet. (starts school this week) and said he seems smart. –another couldn’t believe he doesn’t jump up on people etc. another –same thing and said –that’s good breeding.---I had to pass that on to you! when we listened to their speech/announcements—he just sat down next to me (w/out me asking). Seems to love kids. My vet tech said he’d be a good therapy dog. ;) 
Its funny—I just realized –in the beginning—it was an adjustment having a dog again-esp. a puppy---consuming every minute of my life, no sleep etc. now –ive realize that im even blowing off other things –because I just want to spend all my time with him!!!

Dena and Winston (at 9 months old)
Hi Lois,
These are the first of the baby pictures (of Luna).
We are all in love with her. She is such a princess. 
Thank you so much for breeding such beautiful dogs.
Much love and respect,

Cooper is an absolute love! and what a great personality...we can't thank you enough for the wonderful job you did of raising him :o)

Lois- after a decade of waiting, dreaming, and researching, I knew I found the breeder of my first Newfie the first time I visited McFall’s. Not only did I immediately connect with your philosophy of raising your dogs in a kind and loving household where they are part of the family, but I connected with you and your enormous heart and generous spirit, which is reflected in your dogs- puppies and mature. I’ll never forget the first time little Hamilton Scout’s paws touched grass as he leapt around so full of joy and kept running over to you to check in- I could tell he trusted you and adored you. And now that he’s home, he continues to be a happy-go-lucky, trusting, loving little pup (with, as Byron said, “all the virtues of man without his vices”)... Although Hammy certainly is no angel when he gets a wild hair! Haha. Thank you for making this dream come true and for your friendship so far and in the many years to come. I am so happy to be part of the McFall’s Newfie family!


Charlie...it all started w/you! Thank you Lois for completing my life! I am forever great full that our paths crossed four years ago! Blessed to have such a great friend! Keep bringing joy to others!

Hurley has grown into a giant baby!  He is still very sweet and sensitive, I have to get a photo of me riding him into shore (Cayuga Lake).   He is mellowing a lot with age...we love him tons.

Hi Lois,

We want to thank you for wonderful pup. Cleo is just fantastic, cannot find another word, we love her very much.
She is very sweet, funny and smart girl and she already has all of us around her little paw:)

She is doing fine: playing and sleeping a lot, eating well. She is fascinated with grass and spending a lot of time
outside with us, ripping grass and throwing it to the air:) She started to learn new commands and it is really amazing:
in just 2 days she figured out what exactly we want from her when asking sit, down, come or go potty (it doesn't mean we
don't have accidents at home though:) but if we read all signs from her in time - she will do as asked outside). Very intelligent lady! Ad we think she already grew a little in this past 2 days:)

Thank you again for raising such amazing puppy, you did great job!

Cleo, Katya, Alex & Nadia

I haven't been on your web site in awhile. I was so pleased to see my profile pic of Duckota up on your past puppies page. Glad you think she is turning out nice. We are very pleased with her. We love the shape of her head. When she does something bad, all I have to do is look at her profile and just want to hug her she is so cute. Thanks for breeding such quality dogs. She is a beauty!
~Sue C.

Hi Lois,

Things are great with Georgie!  I can’t say enough good things about our bear.  She is the sweetest dog I have ever had (and I had golden’s before her).  Everyone who meets her falls in love!  She is great with the kids, people and other dogs.  We take walks 6 days a week and she loves them!  Her vet said she is done growing and is weighing 103 pounds (he wants her to weigh 100).  If you could guarantee that I would get another Georgie I’d get another in a second!



Thank you so much for allowing me to visit this afternoon. You and the dogs are the best!!!  What a wonderful loving environment you have created.

Sally (future puppy owner)

Ever since I've moved to Prince Edward Island (a hop, skip, and a jump away from Newfoundland) when I walk Rookie, I get ENDLESS questions: "What is she? Is that a St. Bernard?" and I have to explain that she's a Newf, just not a widely bred color up here in Canada. Without fail, people immediately respond with, "She's the most beautiful dog I've ever seen!" or "Wow, she's stunning" to which I answer..."I know." I've had dogs my whole life, I work with dogs and dog owners all day/every day and I am still so touched and flattered by the attention total strangers give Rookie because in addition to being just gorgeous, she is the sweetest thing! I can't tell you enough how in love with her I am!

Everyone always asks me why so many cardiologists end up with Newfies for pets and I tell them quite frankly, "because we're the smartest specialty, so we choose the best dogs." =)

Erin Trageser, DVM (Cardiology Resident)

Hello Lois,

I can't thank you enough for the joy this pup has brought my son.  They have bonded and are quite a match personality wise.  

All good wishes to you and yours,

Vicki M.

~Brian and Fletcher's Story ~

Brian was on our waiting list for a male puppy.  While waiting for out future litters, he was involved in a serious motorcycle accident and almost lost his life.  The first thing he said when he woke up in the hospital was 'I am still going to get my puppy".  After several months in rehab at Fletcher Allen Health Care in Vermont, he was able to come home and Edie was able to give him the puppy he had been waiting for, who he named Fletcher (McFall's Fletcher Allen's 2nd chance).  This is very special to us as the puppy's father's name is Fletcher, and my father is named Alan Fletcher and his family was from Vermont.  Most importantly, we are so happy that Brian received his "2nd chance" and that he is able to have and love one of our puppies, and that we could bring this "little" bundle of joy into his life!

Hi Lois ,

Just wanted to email you about Gandolf!  What a sweet, smart, handsome dog!  He is a big big hit!  We just love him.  He has spent the last 2 nights in our bedroom but not in the bed - on the tile floor of the attached bathroom.  He's about 2 feet away.  He sleeps almost the entire night.  He has been introduced to the crate but is not a fan - so far.  The most amazing thing is that he barks to warn us of an impending need for a bathroom break. How did he learn that?  Anyway he seems to be adjusting just fine.  He obviously loves and trusts people so that makes our role much easier!

Thanks Lois, you did a great job with this one!

Just wanted to let you know that Cleo and Gwenny are doing great, they went in for their annual check up this week and the vet was very pleased with their appearance, health etc.  Their personalities and behavior are very enjoyable and we couldn't ask for more.  Mike
Chimay is just a wonderful, all-around, great family dog.  Sporty, playful, smart, loves EVERYONE (everyone loves her!), visits each kid in their bed at bedtime for one-on-one snuggling, then comes to our room to bed down.  And surprisingly, Chimay is an excellent watchdog/guard dog---she's not fearful or aggressive, but definitely assertive. 
We adore our Chimay, truly adore her.  We'll make our way back to your doorstep sometime in the future.  Meanwhile, I truly enjoy the photos on your website.  Keep up the wonderful work!

Laurie & Leroy

Hi Lois! We're home and Junie did GREAT just sitting still all the way home with Jack! We didn't even stop once as she was so quiet. She hit the back yard and peed and pooped immediately! The boys have tuckered her out and she's now sleeping in her crate with the blanket you gave us. Thanks again for everything. You made "taking" her so easy and not traumatic (for me) at all. You have a true gift! It was so wonderful meeting you! 

I would HIGHLY recommend you to anyone looking for a newfy puppy.  We talked to quite a few newf breeders and searched around for a puppy for over a year.  We were always left a little confused and open ended every time we spoke to another breeder.  Finally finding you was like a giant relief!  I'm not kidding!  You called me and you were so friendly and easy to talk to.  You were clear about what I needed to do and gave me realistic expectations.  We had a puppy in a matter of months and then it was so special watching her grow through all of your video web site postings and the pictures you sent us.  You really are a cut above the rest, though I'm not sure you know that!  I would DEFINITELY call you again in the future when we want another dog and recommend you to anyone!!


(Thanks Andi, it is a true pleasure to send my puppies home with families like yours.  The joy it brings to everyone makes it all worth it!  Lois)

Hi Lois,

Ben earned his first title through IABCA is UCI International Champion.  He received four excellent markings from four different judges.  The one judge said that she wanted me to let you know that Ben was a great example of a newfy.  She said she sees so many newfies in the ring who are toed in.  And Ben is not and has beautiful movement and covers the floor well!  She said to tell you that you are doing something right!


Hi Lois, just wanted to tell you again how much Gracie has enriched our lives. She is the coolest dog i have ever met! She makes both Marci & I smile a million times a day, not to mention everyone else that she comes in contact with! So thank you again for providing us with such an amazing animal! She is the love of our lives! Mark & Marci Ludwig.
Hey Lois,
I just wanted to drop you a line and tell you that Ludo is wonderful.  Every time we take him out, people just love him.  He's Awesome!!

When Ludo was a puppy he used to get in this fountain and lay down... now only his rump will fit.

Hope you enjoy, and hope everything is going well.

Thanks again for the great boy!
Emily and Matt Woolever

Hi Lois,
Here's a picture of Boomer, getting ready for his first Newf Meet and Greet.  He's now a handsome 5 1/2 month old, and growing rapidly.  He is an absolute love.  We bring him to work with us every day, and he loves to make new friends.  He is the best dog we have ever had!  He's a joy at work and home...We stay in the Den and watch tv with him for about an hour before his bedtime; one of us will say "Bedtime Boomer", and he walks right into his crate and goes to bed for the night...(better than our kids were).
He can sense when someone is either afraid of dogs, or just not a "dog person", and will stay back in the store, and just sit.  If you like dogs, he's right there for you, giving love.  When we went to the Newfie Meet the other day, there was a family just there to see the dogs and are planning to get one.  The father loved Boomer so much that he kissed his head when we were leaving.  He seems to get that reaction quite a bit.  We know Boomer won't be an only child forever, as next year we'd love to get a brother or sister for him....of course, from you.  You certainly know how to raise Newfies.  Thanks so much...Joe, Joan, and Boomer

Snickers 10 months
Hi Lois,

Snickers is doing great and has become a part of the family, did I say a big part of the family! He has grown so fast and is absolutly beautiful as you can see in the photos. He loves to go for walks now that the weather is getting better. In fact, we hit 60 degrees the other day and Snickers and I went for a nice walk around the neighborhood. He likes to run and chase me around the yard and I can no longer out run him. He is big, strong, and a lot of fun. We have our rituals as a family - I take him out 1st thing in the morning, then he waits by the gate downstairs for Taylor to say good morning. He is so good with her and they have developed a bond that is precious. One of his favorites treat is ice cubes-Taylor will give him the hand sign to sit and then lay down. Snickers will almost do it without hesitation to get his snack!

We are pleased with our choice and your efforts in making him such a great dog. We have no regrets in our decision...well I say that until he gets into something. For example, one day I came home only to find that he learned how to open a closet door and proceeded to pull everything out and drag it through his part of the house while tearing apart every magazine that was in the closet as well!

We love Snickers!!!
Brian, Cathy, and Taylor LaValley

We went away this weekend and Gangy spent two nights at "The Family Pet Resort" We picked her up this morning and we received nothing but praise on what a wonderful dog she is!

The owner told me that she has seen many Newfie's before and can't get over how beautiful Gangy is! (she even said she is now considering getting a Newfie herself) The worker's said she had such a wonderful disposition and socialized so well with all the other dogs (especially since she is still just a baby, even if she doesn't look like it!) Gangy has spent time with dogs bigger or the same size as her, but never small dogs, they said she was extremely gentle with the tiny dogs, which I found extremely reassuring.

I just thought you would like to hear a little praise on the wonderful dogs your are breeding! :)

Nicole Bibeau


Just wanted to give you an update on our precious puppy Gangy! She was wonderful on the car ride home and slept most of the way. Everyone that meets her can't believe how docile and sweet she is. No one has ever seen such a clam, well mannered puppy before. She comes to work with me everyday and has become best friends with my parents dog, who is also very calm. She has already learned to sit on command and is well on her way to being completely house broken. I have attached some pictures for you and will try to keep you updated as she grows!

Thank you so much for giving us such a wonderful puppy!

Nicole & Myles

Here are a few pictures of my little buddy Rohan.  He's everything we expected and then some.  As you can see from the pictures, over the past 10 months he has grown just a wee bit.  He is inquisitive and incredibly smart (out os 5 dogs in his training class, he is the only one to past not only the trainers test, but also the AKC/CGC test); he was the angel of the class.  Of course, like any youngster, at home he's still just a puppy.  He has more energy than our Lab and loves to play (his favorite toy is a lamb his trainers gave him), and offers to shake (so he can get his chest rubbed).  He loves to go for rides and walks, but playing in the snow has got to be his favorite.  He does a jump into the air, spins around like a dancer then dives into the snow.  As for compnaionship, as I said in the beginning, he's my little buddy.

I'd like to thank you, we could not be happier with Rohan. Your Ursa/Kano combination has produced puppy perfection.  The whole experience from the frist phone call, the birth of the puppies, our visits to see the puppies was turly fantastic.  Keep up the good work.  Matt & Lou Ann Ward
Motley it doing great. We just love him and have fallen in love with the breed. Next summer we plan on adding another Newfie to our family. We will soon be moving to Minnesota and actually bought a house on a lake so I cannot wait to see him in the water. He interacts well with everybody. Our neighbors love him and strangers enjoy him too. You do an amazing job breeding these pups. I have never had nor seen a dog who was so loving and comical all at once.
Take Care,
Corey, Nicky, and Motley

Hi Lois,
Sorry we haven't been in touch. With the kids and all the dogs I am a very busy mommy. But it would be terrible to neglect to tell you how great the girls are. They are bigger than I am and as gentle as lambs. And it is actually comical how good they are with the children. The baby grabs Kona by the jowls and just giggles her head off and Kona gives her the look like, "really?" And Luna should be renamed licker. You have bred two of the gentlest, kindest, cuddliest creatures we've ever met and for that you should be commended! Hope all is well.

Hi Lois,

Isn't Hagrid stunning?? Absolutely EVERYWHERE we go, people just fall all over themselves going on and on about what a beauty he is. Honestly, if I didn't have to work full time, I'd seriously consider showing him, but it's just not something I can take on.

He's just the best, but then again, he came from great parents!! And you know what else? I REALLY believe that the way you and Stan raise them in your home before they go off to their forever homes makes a big difference. All that love and attention they get from the beginning, I think has to contribute to how sweet and loving he is.

Lisa (Hagrid)

Hi Lois,

Just wanted to give you an update on my baby! He is such a good boy! And he is getting HUGE, but you already knew that would happen. He is such a lover, he is very partial to me, which I LOVE, and try not to rub it in to the hubby. hehe Potty training is done! He is so smart, we didn't have any difficulty. He already knows where the treats are and as soon as he comes in he sits and waits, as if saying' "I'm a good boy....where's my cookie!" You can see his brain working:) . I could not have asked for such a blessing, even though he's only been with us a little over a month I could not imagine one day without him. Thank you for that. Take care and talk to you soon.

Renee Linde (Abe)

Dear Lois,
Soon it will be Julie's first birthday. I will send a picture soon, however, she weighs 124 lbs. and is as healthy as she can be. I had her at the vet's last week for her yearly wellness exam and she is perfect. We love her dearly and she loves us in return.
she is surrounded by cousin dogs and two others we have as well as 8 grandchildren. Julie has a mild temperment. She sleeps on the bed at night with us and the other two dogs. She simply is a wonderful personality. Julie meets with Sasha (littermate owned by daughter) every once in a while and they play until they are exhausted. My daughter Jackie says that Julie looks like her father and Sasha looks like her mother. Julie has a square head with smallish eyes. She appears robust and strong. Sasha is taller with larger eyes and a more pointed head.

I just wanted you to know how much we love Julie and we are so glad we have her.

John and Marilyn Gabriel


Motley is great! He is an absolute joy. He is so loving and even tempered. He is now 65 pounds and growing :)  He just graduated from his first set of obedience classes and is moving on to the next class. Everyone who sees him compliments us on what a beautiful dog he is.

Take care,

Nicky and Corey

Hi Lois,

Your dogs are wonderful and it is so obvious how much love and care they are receiving. It was so fun watching Kano strut around like a King and if it wasn't for the puppies we were getting I thought for sure Chris was going to try to take Sasha and Tazz home with him. You are doing a great job!

Melissa (Luna and Kona)

Hi Lois,

I forgot to write this in the last email. Samsons trainer for basic obedience has worked with thousands of dogs over the past 35 years. During our classes he kept telling us that Samson is an excellent example of the Newfoundland breed. He loves his facial features and build. I just thought that you might like to hear that. Next class I'll have to remember to give him your info so if he gets a client that is looking for a Newf he'll have a good refferal.


"Hi Lois,
I wanted to send you some updated photos of Mayzie.  My daughter and Mayzie are the best of friends.  Mayzie always sits under her no matter where she sits.   I know in a few weeks she will be to big for that.   She is the sweetest, goofyest, lovable little puppy I've ever had .   We love her so much.  She is turning into a little beauty.  She looks all Newf. 
Thank you,  Krissi"

"Hi Lois,
I wanted to tell you how much we enjoyed our visit with the dogs. It only made me confirm how much I love them!!! And I think Brad has fallen head over heels for Ursa. It was weird how she also sat by his side the whole time we were there, she must have known he would love her! haha
Anyway I hope all is well.
Thanks again for letting us stop out there
Sarah :)"  (future puppy owner)

"Hi Lois,
I just wanted to thank you for having us over to see the puppies and to meet your beautiful dogs yesterday! We haven't stopped talking about how much we love "the boys" and I am excited to come see them again (even more so, to bring them home with me). They are going to make my life so rich, and I can't wait to make them an important part of my family! We adored your older puppies, too; especially Sasha...what a doll! I hope my boys inherit some of her sweetness. I'll be very lucky if they do! We couldn't get over how stunning Kano was too, and hope that Maghnus and Murphy grow up to be as handsome and as good natured.  Thanks again for your help and advice through this exciting process!  Take care and thanks again to you and Stan!"
Becky (Owner of Magnus & Murphy)

"Hi Lois!
I just wanted to check and let you know how the boys are doing. They are
honestly the happiest, most well-behaved, beautiful, and obedient puppies
you could ever imagine. At 9 weeks old, they are practically 100%
house-trained, they know their names, how to "sit", when to "come", and how
to give "kisses only". They are currently weighing in at 35 lbs each, but
are sweet babies who just love each other and us so much.   
We are loving every minute of them, and can't wait for
you too see them again soon! I will send new pictures soon so that you can
see how much they have grown!"


"Dear Lois,

Thank you for sharing your patience and good humor this past Sunday (visiting McFall Newfoundlands).  It was tremendously appreciated by me.  As you expressed - a Newfoundland is much more than a dog.  Your commitment to the breed qualities, which I share, and the healthy lives of your companions is apparent.  I very much hope to acquire a puppy from you. 

Thanks again,  Barb" (future puppy owner)

"All is great with Chaffee. She is adjusting very well and loves the snow! 
She is a terrific addition to the family!!!"