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PAST Puppy pictured at 3 Weeks Old
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Upcoming Litters
Please contact us for more information about our  litters and let us know if you would like to be on placed on our waiting list or reserve a puppy.  



Our goal is to produce healthy, beautiful, well socialized and loving Newfoundland puppies. Parents have wonderful temperaments and have had health testing prior to breeding - please see individual pages for more information. We offer a 2 year health guarantee on our puppies (see contract for specifics). We are a short drive from NJ, PA, CT and all areas in NY. 

Prior to going to their "forever" homes, our puppies are vet checked, cleared by a board certified cardiologist from Cornell University, micro-chipped, wormed and given their first set of vaccines. Puppies are sent home with a goody bag which includes useful information, food, a blanket with mom and littermates' scent and toys.

We encourage you to research/interview breeders to ensure getting a good quality Newfoundland, and someone you feel comfortable with - your breeder should be there for the life of your Newfie and someone you can feel free to ask questions to any time. Please make sure that when you select a breeder, they are breeding to the NCA/AKC standards and will happily show you their facilities if you would like to vist them.

Please note: We average about 1 litter per year.  Our puppies are usually spoken for before or very soon after they are born, as we always have a waiting list (many are people who have a Newfie from us and are getting their 2nd or 3rd). It is not uncommon to wait up to a year for a puppy from us (but could be sooner). If you would like to be on our waiting list or to reserve a puppy, please fill out our application and return by email. Before reserving a puppy, we must first review the application and then schedule a phone interview and/or meeting.

**Puppies are ready to go to their new homes at 9 weeks old and only after a board certified cardiologist from Cornell University has cleared them**
From the Newfoundland Club of America website:
It is not unusual to have to wait six months to a year for your Newf puppy from a repuatable breeder. Quality is worth waiting for. A Newfoundland puppy should never go to a new home before the age of 8 weeks. Usually, by 8-12 weeks, a puppy has been checked for possible hereditary defects, received initial vaccinations and wormings, and is ready for his new family.

For anyone considering getting a Newfoundland puppy, please read below and then read all information on our website, review again and research as much as possible - this is a big step and we want to make sure that this is the right decision for you and all involved.

 remember that raising puppies is very similar to raising children. They need consistency, rules, firmness and TONS of patience (along with love and praise for good behavior). Remember Newfies are puppies for a long time and you can have a big puppy up until 2 years age (they continue to mature to 3+ years). Some are easier than others, some more challenging. Just because they are a more laid back breed does not mean that they will not have puppy behavior and can for quite a while. So, you must have a LOT of patience (they sense otherwise). There is no way that I can have a puppy trained in 8-10 weeks while they are here when I have litters. I do the best I can to socialize, love and care for them...the training is up to their new owners and I can help guide along the way and and here for any questions.  Just when you think you have your puppy trained, more challenges will come along (jumping on people, counters, etc. after the biting and house training - and can even take some steps back on those things). You must be ready and committed to a challenge (and research and learn as much as you can, there are so many resources on the internet) and expect that you will have to work hard, have a schedule and routine for your puppy to follow. If not, then it is best to wait until you are ready for this huge commitment. Once bad behaviors set in it can be twice the challenge to correct them. That being said, once you get through the challenging times, you will be so happy you did♥.


We highly recommend purchasing this book prior to getting your puppy. Click on photo and scroll down on left (click on training book to order).