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~Kettle Drive 2013~
Lois with Dagen and Gidget - click on photo for link to more photos.
~Salvation Army Kettle Drive with the Newfies 2012~
Lois with Gidget (2 years) and Maggie (6 months)

Ithaca Journal - December 3, 2012

ITHACA — Lois Fletcher McFall, of Freeville, is ringing in the holidays with a Salvation Army bell and three of her big, beautifulNewfoundland dogs.

This is the first year she’s served as a bell ringer because, as a dog breeder, she’s usually caring for puppies this time of year.

A lover of Newfoundlands and a supporter of the Salvation Army, McFall decided to join the two. McFall’s father served on the Salvation Army board and she always donates part of her puppy sales to the Salvation Army and a “Newfie” cause.

“I just love Newfies so much I want to share them with everyone,” McFall said. Managing three dogs while trying to ring a Salvation Army bell can prove challenging. McFall worked to keep the dog leashes untangled. When the 145-pound Gidget jumped up on her to present her with doggy kisses, Gidget’s head towered above hers, and her paws rested easily on McFalls shoulders.

Nearly everyone walking by McFall paused to take in the dogs’ massive presence. McFall said people often drop a donation in the red kettle while telling her, “I normally don’t do this, but how can you turn down that face?”

McFall will be ringing the bell this weekend from 4-6 p.m. Saturday in front of the market entrance of WalMart. She invites all Newfoundland dogs and their owners to join her in her enthusiasm for Newfies and the Salvation Army.


~Our BIG Kettle Drive With Friends 12/8/2012~
~Photos At The Kettle - Various Locations In Ithaca~