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Although it is so nice to feel the love of your Newfie when you walk in the door, and it would be so nice to be greeted with a hug, the power of a Newfie is so strong that you really do not want to teach them or allow them to do this.  They could easily get in this habit and knock over an elderly person or child and this could result in injury.  Newfoundlands are big and strong and need to have proper obedience training.  They need firm and consistent commands (without being too harsh) and control from all members of your household.  It may be cute when a 40lb. puppy jumps up on you, but not so cute when they are 150lbs.

If you have not trained a giant breed or had much training experience at all, I urge you to consider starting your puppy in obedience classes or "puppy kindergartens".  You may call your local kennel club for information on where classes may be, and even places like Pet Smart or Petco have puppy classes.

See what can happen in just a few minutes?????

Additional notes on puppy training:

For all of you with puppies and waiting for future puppies, please remember that raising puppies is very similar to raising children. They need consistency, rules, firmness and TONS of patience. Remember Newfies are puppies for a long time and you can have a big puppy up until 2 years age (they continue to mature to 3+ years). Some are easier than others, some more challenging. Just because they are a more laid back breed does not mean that they will not have puppy behavior and can for quite a while. So, you must have a LOT of patience (they sense otherwise). There is no way that I can have a puppy trained in 8-10 weeks while they are here when I have litters. I do the best I can to socialize, love and care for them...the training is up to their new owners and I can help guide along the way and do. They will be fine and then another challenge will come along (jumping on people, counters, etc. after the biting and house training - and can even take some steps back on those things). You must be ready and committed to a challenge (and research and learn as much as you can, there are so many resources on the internet) and expect that you will have to work hard, have a schedule and routine for your puppy to follow. If not, then it is best to wait until you are ready for this huge commitment. Once bad behaviors set in it can be twice the challenge to correct them. That being said, once you get through the challenging times, you will be so happy you did♥.

We highly recommend purchasing this book prior to getting your puppy. Click on photo and scroll down on left (click on training book to order).