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Newfoundland Earrings Necklaces dog breeds newf newfie cats dragonfly ladybug kitties kitty charms rescue paw prints bones Jewelry
We are now making fun jewelry including Newfies, other dog breeds and fun creatures. Please click on image to visit our shop on Etsy. One half of the Newfie rescue items goes directly to Newfoundland rescue.
Pet Portraits (this is of one of our past puppies) Artist, Fran Megerdichian
Fun Newfie Items
Items for the Newoundland lover
Pet ramps
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A MUST have - no need to shave matts
Miller's Undercoat Rake
My favorite slicker
Thinning Shears
Straight Scissors
Metro Dryer
I LOVE this shampoo. Just remember, it is highly concentrated
Great for black fur
To get the white REALLY white!
Cowboy Magic Products
Conditoner & Detangler
I have found this to be the BEST for hot spots, no shaving of the area needed. Just spray on skin.